Styling pre cut tints

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Styling pre cut tints

Aug 2, 2005
Wigton, Cumbria
Yes! and they're a bugger to fit, you have to get it excatly right first time or it knackered! If you are doing it then lay the film over the window exactly where you want it, then while the film is still in position, peel back about 10mm off one end and stick it to the window (P.S.) you need to wash and wipe your window with a strong solvent to ensure a good smooth stick). Then peel back small bits at a time and stick to the window dead slowly. DO this until all the tint is on thw window obiuosly! BUT do not just unstick the tint from the backing and whack it over the window as you'll most likely end up with air bubbles and if its pre-cut you wont get it in the right place, thats almost a certanty.