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Aug 20, 2009
So guys and gals. I have been on this site a while. Not many posts but the info and help is astronomical. It's made me a lot more aware of noises and issues that can arise with the three fiats I have owned, 1st punto mk2 2000plate, wrote off :bang: 2nd white version of my first but head went and power steering went and pouring money into it made no sense so brought a bravo 1.4 16v active off available car and loving it.

Anyway more to the point I'm a part time photographer so I'm offering a set of 10 shots of your car at any location within a 30 miles radius of nottingham. Just bring your car and we will have a chat at what your looking for. You can be in The shot or just the car I'm not fussed. Tbh it's your photos so all this will cost you only £20 so send me a PM if interested or comment below and chat. Looking to start this summer for nice natural back drops and interesting locations.(y)