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Aug 2, 2007
hi..after a bit of research,ive finally bought my first x1/9..i cant beleive it! a real italian sports car for £370.engine turrets are great and it has been ziebarted and has only minor rust here and there...engine and gearbox seem fine..brakes are a bit dodgy but looks like the usual brake cylinders ceasing up....i have only the 2 problems.....steering seems a bit vaig(i need a spell quecker) and heater matrix has been by-passed by previous this a common problem...thanx and hello
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Oct 5, 2005
Flixton, Manchester
If the steering is vague you have definitely got something wrong up front.

Check the ball joints, wheel bearings and steering rack for play. One or more will be at fault. The steering on an X1/9 should be sharp with quick turn-in.

Heater matrix is known to leak especially if antifreeze has been left out of the service schedule (this would also have an effect on the engine internals too). More likely though the control valve has jammed open resulting in the legs of the cabin occupants getting cooked. A lot of X1/9 owners have perfected the art of working the valve directly by hand while driving and avoiding getting burned on the valve casing.

It isn't hugely easy to replace the matrix and valve but equally it isn't a hideous job either - just make sure you get a new control valve.