Handbrake Cable adjustment & Replacment

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Handbrake Cable adjustment & Replacment

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Oct 13, 2008
Hi All,

Just thought i would do a quick guide on how to adjust your handbrake cable,

It may be that your handbrake is not binding the rear brakes as it once was,it could be down to many reasons but the most common reason is that it just needs adjusting,or the cable may be past its best and has been stretched with years of use so needs to be replaced or worst case scenario that there is excess wear to you rear drums or brake shoes and in many cases this is why the handbrake cable might be pulling further than it once was to get the rear wheels to bind but that's another guide,


If its the case your handbrake lever is clicking more than 4 clicks when being pulled to the on to position and the rear wheels are not binding when the handbrake cable is applied?, it may just be down to the cable needing adjustment,

The best way to adjust your handbrake is to jack the car up and support the car on axle stands at the rear so that the cars rear wheels are free to spin when the handbrake is on the off position,

Once you have this done apply the handbrake by pulling it on and listening to the ratchet clicking 3 times,then using 2 x 17mm open ended spanners get yourself under the car directly below the handbrake lever and you will see the adjustment bolts like below located on a long threaded bolt with the cable running through it like below,


Place both the open ended spanners on both of the 17mm nuts and loosen them by tuning them anti clock wise until loose,

You will then see at one end of the threaded bolt that there is a 3rd 13mm nut in the far left of the above pic, if you turn this clock wise this will in turn tighten the handbrake cable,do it by turning it bit at the time until the cable between it and the handbrake itself is taught,

Once you have this done tighten the 2 17mm lock nuts back up then release the handbrake and check that the rear wheels are free to spin,if this is the case then apply the handbrake by pulling it on by 4 clicks and check that the rear wheels are binding,if so the jobs a good one,if not repeat these steps again until your happy you have a working handbrake again,

If its the case that you can't adjust the cable anymore than you have done?,this points to either the cable being stretch with age or there is excess wear to the rear drums or shoes or even both which would then need to be replaced,

Hope this helps

For any further assistance relating to this guide please post in Fiatscotland's Technical section for further assistance!

All the best Scuderia
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