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Aug 17, 2008
This is more a question about the Citroen Dispatch, but its the same as the Scudo.

We got a dispatch about 18 months ago, and had some problems with the side doors. To start with the doors kept on jamming, so they added some spacers in, which then meant the door wouldn't seal correctly, they've taken them out, but its still not sealing. (Enough so the ran was coming though the gap over the weekend).

Just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with theirs?


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Nov 30, 2007
Hi Kier. I had constant problems with the side doors not shutting properly and never solved it until my van was broken into a few weeks back. I now put a ratchet strap across the runners in the roof just behind the cab headliner and ratchet them up tight. This has two effects. It cuts the draught and keeps the thieving ba***rds out. Oh-3 effects. It keeps the rain out too!