Technical Engine power loss

Jan 13, 2022
Newcastle kzn
Hi forum I'm Phillip and need serious advice, I have a Uno fire, carburetor, 1100,95 model. I had a weber carburetor but due to age wouldn't stop leaking even after 3 carburetor kits, in my town the only replacement is a dorco carburetor but its heavy on fuel, I get 154 km on a half a tank. Now the car is losing pull away power on the slightest of uphills,when i press the pedal down it's if it holds back to pull away and then slowly starts to pick up speed, when out of gear the car revs up immediately and no issues their but once in gear it's as if im chained to the road,
I've replaced the coil, distributor,plug leads, plugs, oil pump, water pump, radiator, battery, fuel pump, clutch kit, carburetor and not improving, timing set at 3 degrees btdc, new thermostat,all temp sensors new, compression test no 1 piston 850 just touching the red, 234 950 in the green,the old plugs are a brown in colour and still look good, your advice will be highly appreciated