Technical 2004 Scudo side light and rear light issue

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Technical 2004 Scudo side light and rear light issue


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Nov 4, 2017
Hi guys,

Ive got a 2004 Scudo 1.9 and I have a strange light issue. The front passenger side light suddenly stopped working and so has the drivers side rear. The rest of the bulbs are working just fine, its just the 2 single bulbs

Ive done the usual and replaced the bulbs and checked the fuses but still nothing. I checked the voltage to the bulb in the rear cluster and its only receiving 0.6v and the front sidelight is only getting 0.04v which is to low to illuminate the bulb.

A coupe of months ago the bulb blew in the speedo clocks that illuminates the millage so I changed the myself but as the days were longer I never needed to use the lights so im not sure if there is a connection (pardon the pun)

Does anybody know what the issue could be?

Thanks for looking