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Faulty clutch switch

Morning all,

Had the clutch switch on our Panda replaced under warranty earlier this week. A couple of weeks back, I was attempting to reverse into a space when the clutch pedal refused to release.

After a few attempts to get it to return to its usual position, it pinged back up and part of a small pink-tipped component fell onto the floor (i.e. the clutch switch).

The overall effect for the past couple of weeks wasn't too bad, but the gear changes were much rougher than normal, and the car also struggled to hold its revs when cruising without applying any throttle (e.g. in particular when trying to maintain 30 or 40mph going downhill).

There was one benefit though - the gearshift indicators stopped working!. Sadly they are back again now, utterly useless as ever...

Anyway, I'd definitely recommend having a quick peek at the pedals to see whether your clutch switch is in a vulnerable position or not. Would be interesting to know if it is a design fault or if it was just a dodgy one on our car.
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