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Panda 4x4 starting and moving issues!

I haven't had my Panda 4x4 moving in a while (due to a house move and lack of time). To cut a long and painful story short, its been sitting for about a year, in the same spot.

I last had it running over a year ago, it stalled randomly, then failed to start. Started looking into it, one issue was earthing, which I sorted.

There seemed to be fuel, a spark, and air, but just refused to start. I ran out of time, and now a year later, I've finally got a chance to start trying to fix it again.

I had to move it today, I couldn't push it manually, felt like a lot of resistance, as if it was in gear. The gear linkages are very badly worn, but about 95% sure it was out of gear, 4x4 lever down as well.

I ended up towing it out the way with the Panda 1000.

What is likely to be causing the resistance? Its been sat out of gear with the handbrake off.

Also, the rear prop mount has broken, where am I likely to be able to find a replacement?

I'm not likely to have a chance to get it on the road in the next 12 months, but running and usable would be good! lol.
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Re: Panda 4x4 starting and moving issues!

Have you pressed the clutch and tried pushing it? That would rule out it being in gear or not. I reckon is probably just because it has been sat so long, the brakes will have a build up of rust on them which could make it tricky for one person to push.

Don't think you can get the prop mounts so you might be a bit stuck there, might be best looking for a complete replacement prop, or perhaps try a propshaft specialist.
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Re: Panda 4x4 starting and moving issues!

I got a prop mount from this website in Turkey earlier this year.

The two I bought are not required any more but I could sell you them, along with the whole panda sisley - see the classified ads.
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