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Fiat 132 exhaust


I have a 1989 Lada Niva Cossack, which has had a 2-litre twin cam fiat 132 engine conversion. It has machined down 124 pistons, giving it a compression ratio of 10.5:1. I am wanting to put a better exhaust on it, and figures you guys would know about what is best.
So... What size exhaust do you think would suit this engine best? And would one muffler be ok for it? The vehicle is used mainly for 4wding, and I would quite like a reasonably loud exhaust.

Edit: I don't want it too big, as I still want good torque. Also... Is exhaust wrap a good idea, or do you think it will just encourage rust, as it will get coated in mud and water?

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Re: Fiat 132 exhaust

I've done a few Lada/Twin Cam conversions. Not a Niva though. I've seen a few and been asked a lot of questions about the conversion.

For a good spread of torque you would be best to go for a 4-2-1. Don't go too big on the primaries because you want to keep the gas speed high. Don't underestimate the standard 4-2 cast iron manifold, they are really quite good if you make a new collector on a standard front pipe. 2-1/4" bore max front to rear with a straight through silencer, again for a good spread of torque you need to keep the gas speed high.

Most Niva TC owners complain that the heat from the manifold fries the starter so I'd go with a wrap.
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