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General Help.

Hello all, new to the forum and first post so id just like to say hi to everyone.

I'm starting this thread and it will probably be ongoing as I have got hold of a Multipla which I need some help on as it needs a bit of tlc to get it back in tip top form. Its the first Multipla ive ever had and the first fiat ive ever had so I don't know much about them tbh.
Anyway I'm an ex pat living in Italy and got hold of a Multipla 1.9 jtd 2004 (left hooker of course) for peanuts and it needs a bit of cosmetic and also not so cosmetic work doing.
Firstly I would like to ask a couple of questions regarding the door locks. The barrels of both driver and passenger doors have been gouged out with a screwdriver as it was broken into. The central locking still works but it remains unlocked. I have seen online that I can buy a couple or three new barrels with keys quite cheaply and would like to ask anyone who knows whether these locks can replace the old ones and are compatible and could I do away with the central locking and fit these. It would mean using different keys for the doors and ignition but it seems this would save me quite a bit of cash (I have been quoted at 600 euro's here to change the lot, ignition included) and I can pick these up for about thirty quid or so. Any suggestions ?

Also the driver door handle has been broken and can only be opened from the inside. It isn't damaged but obviously the mechanism inside or catch is broken as the handle just lifts straight up without "biting". I have seen online that I can get four new ones at a reasonable price but I don't know if they would include the catch that is obviously broken, could anyone enlighten me about this as I don't want to buy them if its not included and if I can buy the broken piece separately.

A few other that spring to mind are.

1) The spare wafer thin tire is in the boot and I have been told that the winch is broken. The mechanic said its a common problem and not to bother getting as new one as they are all defective and it will break as well. Can anyone confirm this for me ?
2) The dashboard light or illumination light that works behind the dash for the air con dials etc has blown. Is it an easy job to fix it or do you have to be a contortionist ?
3) All four shocks seem like they need replacing as they seem to bottom out going over bumps.
4) there was an old roof rack on it which I took off, but the inserts into the holes on the roof trim are missing, does anyone know where I can get four new ones from and what they are called as I don't know what to put in the search engine.
5) One of the back reflectors is missing but I can get a new pair for about a fiver.
6) The drivers (left hand side) round air vent is broke, seems to be snapped although its all in one piece and the flaps are stuck shut. Can these be replaced fairly easily ?

That's about all I can think of at the mo', if anyone can give me any pointers or advice it would be much appreciated.
I may disappear from time to time and might not be able to get online to thank people as I work offshore and am on call, so don't worry if sometimes I take a bit of time responding.

Thanks in advance anyway. G.
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