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Swaybar links and/or bushings swap.
How to replace bad anti-roll bar drop-links and rubber bushings.
Published by GrandePunto PL
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Cool Swaybar links and/or bushings swap.

Sway-bar (anti-roll bar) links and/or bushings DIY replacement is easy.

If you will do rubber bushings, lift the whole front up, both wheels.
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Name:	00_Lift_the_front.jpg
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ID:	217760

Undo the drop-link top nut. Impact wrench is a good thing. But there's no space around the bottom end of the link. So you'll be doing it manually anyway...
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Name:	01_Undo_the_Links_nuts.jpg
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ID:	217761

There is some tension in the system. Use a crowbar/prybar to remove old and later install brand new links.
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Name:	03_Help_yourself_with_prybar.jpg
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ID:	217764

Low quality joints can fail within 1 year or so. Rubber boots are disintegrating easily. Plus, there's not enough grease inside such parts (any ball joints or strut bearings/mounts) these days. Consider adding more grease to the new parts. Seriously.
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Name:	02_Damaged_joints.jpg
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ID:	217762

Brand new joints are stiff, hard to move by hand. Damaged ones are loose and noisy (muted/muffled rumbling) while driving on slightly uneven/bumpy road (cobblestone). Animated GIF (click if static) of the bad ball joint (any - in suspension, steering).
Name:  03_Way_too_much_play.gif
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Note there are small differences in drop-links. Nut sizes and flats (or not): both can be 16 or 17 mm. Internal hex should be always 5 mm.
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Name:	04_Shapes_and_sizes.jpg
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ID:	217765

Now, swaybar bushings. You can see the threads sticking out from the retainer. Spray them with some penetrant oil.
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Name:	05_Bushing_bolts_threads.jpg
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ID:	217766

Front frame has 2 holes. There are 13 mm hex bolts inside. You need extra long socket or regular/standard one + extension.
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Name:	06_Bushing_retainer_13mm_hex.jpg
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ID:	217767

Parts can be "seized" a bit. Use some screwdriver to pry, to separate retainer from rubber etc. Clean and paint those metal parts if you care (corrosion). Rubber bushing and swaybar contact areas should be clean and dry.
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Name:	07_Swaybar_bushes_removed.jpg
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Size:	173.6 KB
ID:	217768

Parts from different manufacturers will not be exactly the same. For example cuts are done in different spots. Does it matter, I don't know (which one is "better")... Note, that some parts like that will have no cut (you must do it yourself, or there is a way to install such bushing without splitting, go figure).
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Name:	08_Different_cuts.jpg
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Size:	144.2 KB
ID:	217769

You should be able to install first bushing and retainer bare hands, just hold it with one hand and install (or at least start) 2 bolts. Then (at the other end, second bushing) you will need a prybar again. Pay attention on how the rubber is seated during assembly. Help it a bit (push it, poke it with screwdriver) if necessary.
Click image for larger version

Name:	09_Help_the_rubber_seat_properly.jpg
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ID:	217770
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Re: Swaybar links and/or bushings swap.

Missing info. Guide is for Grande 1,4 8V. Swaybar diameter is 18 mm.
Other, more powerful versions may have thicker one, so different bushings.

Example part numbers (there is always more than one, for the same part). Check your car (by VIN) in EPER online.
Rubber bushings: 51839988, 55700769. Diameter of the anti-roll bar 18 mm.
Drop-links: 50515276, 50531823, 51805870, 55700753. Length (center to center of the joints) about 300 mm (total a bit more). Threads M10.

Note, that Grande has "brother from another mother", which is Opel Corsa "D" (and partially "E" or sometimes "C"). Many parts, like suspension and brakes are the same exactly. If there's no part available for "Fiat" (or Alfa R.) specifically, search Opel/Vauxhall.
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