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ESP Retrofit
Published by tonico77
Difficulty Level: 4

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Difficulty Level: 4

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Disclaimer - Please note that this is a guide only and I take NO responsibility for any damaged caused to yourself or vehicle whilst using this guide. If you are unsure how to do something leave it to the professionals. I followed the below operation and everything worked fine in my case.

I have managed to retrofit ESP on my 2006 1.3MTJ 90hp Dualogic. The main reason I started this project was for safety and for the hill holder assist. This is how me and my dad did it:

You can then sell your old abs and steering column to get back some money.

Before starting test to see if the led for ESP in the instrument cluster is present by using Multiecuscan. Select dashboard computer, Actuators and ESP control light.

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Re: ESP Retrofit

Can you tell me what pins are CAN HI and CAN LOW at M050 and M086? Thanks in advance!
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Re: ESP Retrofit

This was a great job!! I tried to retrofit abs to vdc on my Fiat Stilo. I had installed all the sensor and just connected the vdc pump beside the abs without plugging the pipes. The car read all the sensor, but I received a big error: C1881 Incorrect vehicle CAN configuration. CAN line between ABS and Electronic injection fail.
I think the two modules is not able to comunicate.
PS.The pump is Bosch and the Injection is Magnetti Marelli.
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