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New Deloreans to be made

Well, replicas I guess. They're getting made in America and at an estimated $100,000 each unlikely to be spotted on this side of the pond. Appearance is going to stay the same but sadly no flux capacitors so you'll be able to hit 88 mph without fear of ending up back in time. Although you may end up with a speeding ticket if it's not a private road :lol:

More here ... to-be-made
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Re: New Deloreans to be made

I presume this is the company in the states that basically bought up all of the old Delorean stuff and has sold spares etc. for years.

I think what happened was the factory basically closed mid run, meaning that there were piles and piles of parts to build complete cars sitting around. The article says "Around 9,000 cars were made between 1981 and 1983. Only 6,500 are still believed to exist." where really, it should say "amazingly 6,500 still exist!" as I'd say there are very, very few cars around the 34 year old mark where over 70% of those built still exist - this is mainly down to that company.

At 100k USD each, I suspect they will all end up in private collections and never be used.
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Re: New Deloreans to be made

That appears to be the deal.

Lots of spare parts - so, essentially build the 'classic' DMC but with some new bits. A better engine, being key.

Having had the fortune to drive one, they're honestly not all you expect them to be. Not entirely a let down - but not as good as you'd hope!
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