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Want to be able to edit your own custom title under your username? Want to get access to special offers only for donatees? Want some extra space for uploading your photos? Or more importantly, want to help keep the FIAT Forum running?

Then all you have to do is pledge as little (or as much ) as you want via our PayPal hotline using the form below, go on! You'll feel all warm and happy inside

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All together 5730 donations have been made totalling 25,313.00
The largest ever donation was 99.99 on the 25/11/2010 by rallycinq

  The FIAT Forum Donation Hall of Fame  
16/06/2005BroomYellow1.38Carpe Diem people.
16/06/2005mase10.00here u go benny boy!

now wheres my title!
13/06/2005Liam20.00Must be the cheapest form of entertainment out there!

About time I donated too!
08/06/2005Chris02885.00Please to offer a little support for all your guys help so far
06/06/2005Chas Uno5.00Pleased to offer a little support to the excellent Fiat Forum!
05/06/2005benfredjosh2.00its benfredjosh from fiat forum
05/06/2005Ben R10.00high Ben, sorry I forgot to don't when I hit 500 posts
03/06/2005spike1925.00A little thank you for all the help and advice!
03/06/2005bulldog50465.00From Ryan Edge aka bulldog5046
02/06/2005cinquecento_sunderland1.94money for the cause
01/06/2005Dunc Uno Turbo2.50
25/05/2005Kazzie015.001st class site, you've helped me out, now I hope I'm helping you out.

Thanks for all the advice.
20/05/2005Bo~Select@3.00Sorry it not much ... spent all my cash on the car.
18/05/2005microcar10.00Hi just a small donation to the fab site. Thanks for all your help!

17/05/2005darkcircuitUK15.00Hi Ben,

It's david.willis donating. Hope this is enough.

16/05/2005polecat5.00oooh a new game

What do I win?