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Re: Croma Tyre Choices

Any decent tyre/tracking shop with computerised laser 4 wheel kit should provide you with a 'before' and 'after' adjustment report showing all the critical setting values, how far they were in/out of spec and a final set of figures after they adjusted your car.

This type of service is CRUCIAL when trying to eradicate tracking issues and where possible trying to get some claim back/compensation.

Sadly 99% of Joe public just allow tyre shops to retrack (even if it was not required) and drive away with nothing more than a bill and empty wallet.

On a low end cost car (x make, cheap common low spec tyres) then a 30 tyre suffering wear will possibly not get the car owner all worked-up. However when decent Croma tyres cost 140+ each then we quite rightly get much much more concerned and critical.
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Re: Croma Tyre Choices

Fully converted over to FK452 tyres today. My first pair came out of the Shirakawa (U2) plant that briefly closed in the Fukushima disaster, & I did wonder if my next pair might glow-in-the-dark. But they came out of the Miyazaki (V4) plant on Kyushu island.

Had a chat with the tyreman & asked him what tyres gave him problems. He singled-out Wanli & Sunny said they took a lot of weights to balance-up right. Also LingLong said supplied a set to a customer who was insistent on cheap tyres, but soon changed-his-mind when the wife spun the car.

The tyreman ran on Hankook - & the tyreshop owner ran on Nexen.

55 Croma 1.9/16v150 65.2Kmls (225/45ZR18XL95Y)

2011/07/07 21:14
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