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This is my diary of the restoration (all things being equal and not rotten) of a Sedivavole Mk1 Tipo.
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long time no see

Posted 30-11-2007 at 20:40 by Tony M

Well it's been a while since i saw the car in the flesh... and it still looks solid and serious. Even more serious now i have to consider possible costs involved with bringing the car back life. After an extensive walk around session with the rust hammer and looking at the melted wiring in the engine bay, and also pushing my finger through the offside rear wheel arch... (hey it's far enough away from anything MOT fail-able so it can wait...)

I am looking at a new rear brake caliper to get it rolling freely once more... unfortunately the rear calipers are nearly double the price of the fronts.

So for the first session I am having the brakes freshened where needed... From the front backwards as I already know the rear has problems but if the fronts have issues it's tools down and calling the work off.

Once that's done the car is going back into storage in my garage until i have saved the money for the engine work. I'm looking now at the start of next April to get the car on the road as that's when the current Tipo will need an MOT, and quite frankly i am still shocked it passed it's last one sometimes.
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