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Stage 2 Delayed

Posted 26-03-2007 at 00:08 by Luke

I started stripping down my head this evening for me to get skimmed. While i was here i decided to test whether the valves needed removing and re-lapping (which they did) so started to take them out. Only problem is my valve spring compressor dont fit so i need to buy another (which i cant afford till payday at the end of the week).

Since i cant really do much more until then, ive had to prospone work. I shall still get the compressors on Friday and strip the head and probably take my time and do some mild porting over the 2 weeks until i have the big garage free again. Also gives me the chance to order a valve lapper off the net as i cant be arsed to do them all by hand

Bit of a shame, i was looking forward to it But if a job is worth doing, its worth doing properly. Im not doing this again so im making damn sure i do a good job of it all first time.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. It ties in well really as the 'rents are decorating that week so my revision schedule would be severly interrupted. Instead ive moved it forward a week so i will be doing car repairs the week they're decorating.

So, 9th - 15th of April; expect lots of updates
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