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Ducato engine fail - please help

Posted 19-08-2012 at 18:07 by kirlyg

Hi all,
I have a 86 ducato diesel campervan. On last trip it developed a leaky water pump (gasket?) Popped some K seal whatever stuff in and topped water right up to get home. Sealant seemed to slow leak a bit, decided to head for home at steady 50mph keeping an eye on temp gauge. Drove well for two hours, no increase in temp (gauge working fine). Suddenly a 'poof', loss of power,small puff of smoke, game over, towed home.
My question is, has the head gasket gone? There's no oil splurts in the engine bay, coolant poured out when stopped so there was plenty before engine going, nothing visably obvious to the untrained eye. Engine turning over but doesn't fire, poss no compression. I'm kicking myself now for driving it - have I killed 'Colin' my campervan?
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    Hi ,
    is this in the FF..??, or a blog..??

    Charlie - same engine + van
    Posted 19-08-2012 at 20:28 by varesecrazy varesecrazy is offline
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    Hi, Hopefully this is in the fiat forum! I don't post very often so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place. A friend of my brothers who is a mechanic took a look at van this week, he reckons cam belt has gone, not head gasket. So cam and water pump need doing, prob looking at a grand I reckon, including towing costs. But he also agreed it's worth doing as it has value as a camper van not just a van. We have invested too much in it to let it go for scrap (plus it's a lot of fun never knowing what might go wrong next ha ha!) Good old credit card...hopefully Colin will be up and running before October half term.
    Posted 25-08-2012 at 16:07 by kirlyg kirlyg is offline