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Tailgate troubles

Having spent several months using just the remote keyfob on A500 I've discovered a small problem. The tailgate is not releasing from the handle, only from the fob.

Is there a setting in the computer for this anywhere (I can't see one) or is it just an electrical switch/connection inside the tailgate?

On other news - the car is also off the road due to hitting the mother of all potholes. Car is ok but needs a new front swingarm... so I'd like to say a big thank-you to Trafford council for maintaining their roads to such a high standard!
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Re: Tailgate troubles

This is a common occurrence on the 500. The tailgate handle actually operates a microswitch to release the boot catch, this either fails or road dirt gets into the flap to stop it moving correctly. If you can pull / prise the flap out with a finger nail or small flat bladed screwdriver and get the switch to operate again then it can be as simple as spraying some switch cleaner or WD40 into the handle (best done with the boot in an open upright position to allow the WD40 to soak in). If not the microswitch may have failed or worse the wiring loom from the body of the car through to the tailgate may have shorted. If you use the search button there are many useful treads on here.

Try the WD40 first and hopefully that will do the trick!
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