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Re: 1.3 MJ - Whats your best Fuel Range?

Quote Originally Posted by udtrev View Post
...2 more fill ups at thre same level of MPG you will have the best mpg of all the fiats recorded - Puntovan has the record with 60.5, and that's a diesel.
Interesting, I should easily beat that.

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Re: 1.3 MJ - Whats your best Fuel Range?

Quote Originally Posted by pearce_jj View Post
Lol Maxi you have thought about this much too much

Actually I have been trying, but even lifting the nozzle and caressing the pump handle as gently as possible, I still can't get more than a few more drips in once it's cut out.
Well I was just looking to make sure that the advice I was giving was sound and that people weren't going to get fuel leaking out of their car and ruining their paintwork.

What you need to do is actually pull the nozzle out of the filler neck and actually be VERY slowly putting fuel into the top area of the the fuel filler where it will swirl down into the filler neck. The moment you put the nozzle actually into the fuel filler it will detect pressure and will cut off the pump. I'll try and take a picture of it all when I next fill the 500 up. In my experience with other cars if you keep on trying to fill it with the nozzle in the filler neck after it's clicked a few times you run the risk of getting splashback on yourself and the car though this doesn't seem to happen with diesel as it's more viscous than petrol.

If the nozzle is this far in then you're probably missing out on about 5 or so litres of fuel capacity.
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