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clutch making whinning noise when pressed. altho pedal doesnt feel any different.

hi guys just wondering can anyone explain to me what this noise can be its like a squeaking noise but isnt always there happens only some times when i press th clutch.. also when im driving some times when i brake my front right hand side wheel makes an awful scraping noise it happens only somtimes to an when im turning a corner. any sugestions.?
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Re: clutch making whinning noise when pressed. altho pedal doesnt feel any different.

The title of your post is clutch "whining".. but in the post you say the clutch is "squeaking" when you press the pedal... so I'm not sure what the precise problem may be.

Anyway... if the clutch whines when you hold the pedal down then that's the release bearing wearing out. You should start saving up for a new clutch (the bearing is part of it), though it can last like that for ages.

If you hold the clutch in at traffic lights or you keep your foot resting on the clutch when you're driving along then that doesn't help the bearing.

You can try adjusting or bleeding the clutch (if it's hydraulic) and that may help a bit.

If the clutch squeaks when you press the pedal, then that's probably the plastic bush where the pedal pivots, or the spring on the pedal. Get in there (on your hands and knees) and have a look. Press the pedal with your hand and listen for the squeak. Put some grease in the plastic bush or on the spring and that should solve that problem.

The grating noise from the brakes *could* be worn pads.. If that wheel is more "black" with brake dust than the other front wheel, it could be a sticking caliper causing the pads to stick "on" (so they wear out) or making the noise when they engage. So, you need to take the wheel off and have a look.

It could also be the metal back plate that protects the disc from dirt and stones. It's thin metal and if it's too close to the disc sometimes (as the brake grips the disc) it can flex and touch the disc. It's not serious.. you can just bend it away from the disc a bit if it looks too close.

Ralf S.
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