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Uno MK1 Parts?

Just wondering if its possible to get parts for my Uno 45S... like door panels (interrior), bumpers, tail lights (like clear ones or whatever.. not smoked ones)?

And yeah.... im getting my front bumper resprayed soon, looks horrible. This one guy from my this garage got the shades wrong. Well it was free after all

Also... is the dash board replaceable? Cos I hate the two things stick out on the dash for lights and screen wipers...
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Re: Uno MK1 Parts?

chas has been kitting his uno 45 out for a while now, does the entire dash and loom from a 70sx we stripped a few weeks ago, (however i you mean from another car altogether to get rid of the "pods", i dont think so, and why, they are great and functional) i think he has a turbo interior to go in next, and a cam from another engine to pep up the one he has in there, as with most things it's time effort and abilty. with enough of all you can get what you want, parts are available for almost anything you want to do, new panels from car warehouses are relatively cheap, as are other mechanical bits, scrappies, ebay, this forum, etc etc even some of the trickier looking things like putting mk2 bumpers and tailgates on a mk1 and vice versa are doable (dunc, chas and frosty) look back through the threads there's a gold mine in there!
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Re: Uno MK1 Parts?

Hey Dima,

Your mk1 looks really clean, and I love the colour!

As to what's available, well, pretty much everything if you can find it. Remember that the mk1 was last made in 1989, so many new parts have since dried up from the aftermarket manufacturers. Mk2 parts are still available, but a lot of them won't fit the mk1.

A shame you don't like the dashboard, as it is incredibly effective and distinctive. However, if you really want to change it then the only possible one likely to fit is one from a mk2. I think most of the mounting points are the same, but if I recall correctly the top two push in lugs are replaced with screws behind the mk2 speaker grills. Whether it is a bolt in swap I have no idea.

Also, you may run into additional problems with the dashboard wiring. I think the mk2 uses a different wiring/ fusebox arrangement to the mk1, so even if the under dash mk2 wiring will connect to the the mk1 fusebox there is no guarantee it will work unless you swap the whole of the mk1 loom for a mk2.

My advice is to learn to love the mk1 dashboard!

If it's any help you can fit the instrument pod from a mk1 SX or turbo in place of the 45S. The SX instruments just needs one extra wire run to the coil to get the tachometer working, as does the turbo, though the turbo will have a number of non functioning gauges unless you can fit senders for the oil pressure and oil temperature gauges and do something with the turbo boost gauge.

Any mk1 3 door cards will fit your 45. The most plush are the turbo, though as yours is a 45S you already have the next trim level down from that other than an SX. The SX cards won't fit unless you can find a very early one, as after about 1985 they were only available as a five door.

Mk1 turbo door cards/ interiors are getting hard to find, though there are plenty of mk2 turbos available at the moment. I have a complete mk2 turbo interior that I am hoping to fit to my mk1 (eventually). I know the front door cards will need modifying as the door handle and window winder are in different places to the mk1. As I'm going to fit electric windows the window winders aren't going to be a problem, but I'm going to have to cut a new hole in the card for the handle and fill the original hole somehow.

I'm also not 100% sure that the holes in the door frame that take the card press in studs are in the same place in both mk1 and mk2. I will find out soon enough!

Bumpers from the SX or Turbo will fit your mk1. The SX has built in fog lights, and the turbo looks similar but is deeper (it has a small grill for the intercooler). See the picture of Turboneds Turbo above . Mk2 bumpers should fit a mk1, but I'm not sure if they bolt up the same or will have the same clearance where they join the front wings.

Body kits with different bumpers are also available, but some are a bit garish. Fro$ty has a Hormann mk1 kit fitted to his mk2 turbo (definitely one of the more tasteful kits available), but they aren't cheap if you can find them.

Aftermarket rear light lenses used to be available, but are getting hard to find now. Dunc I think has a clear set on his mk2 turbo, but he's used mk1 units so he could fit a mk1 turbo tailgate. I think he said they are no longer made, so you'll be looking for a second hand set. From what I gather they are as rare as rocking horse poo though...

Most mechanical parts are available new no problem, except the inner brackets for the turbo anti roll bar (don't ask me how I know - Pah!) Trim bits are unavailable new, and starting to get rare second hand, so if you find a mk1 in the scrappies get as many switches and bits of trim as you can.

Front wings are still available new, and not expensive either. Doors can be a problem as the mk1 is notorious for rusting it's lower doors. New skins are available, but are a pain to fit and not much good if the frame itself has rusted. I've been looking for an age to find a decent mk1 drivers door, and am probably going to have to fit a mk2 door instead. Physically they will fit in place of a mk1's, though as mentioned above the locations of some the hardware are in different places.

I've been kitting out my mk1 45S as Turboned mentioned! Nothing outrageous, and basically trying give it a slightly beefier look but using as many original Fiat parts as possible.

The interior will have the mk2 turbo seats and door cards, plus the mk1 SX dashboard. The only reason I changed the whole dashboard was so I could change the chocolate brown colour to a more pleasing black! The SX/ turbo instruments will fit any mk1 dashboard. Also, I had to add wiring so I can fit the turbo's electric windows and also front foglights. Much easier to do with the dashboard out.

At the front I am going to fit an SX bumper with built in fogs, a twin headlight front grill, plus a bonnet scoop that fits over the grill on the bonnet. Unfortunately all of these are getting hard to find and I suspect are no longer available new. I found all of my bits through Ebay and also from scrap cars (cheers Turboned!)

At the back I have a turbo tailgate fitted (straight swap), but other than that the rear end is staying the same. I'll keep the rear lights as standard. Lastly I will be fitting some alloys from an X1/9 once I've refurbished them. That will be pretty much it as far as the interior and exterior is concerned.

At a later date I'm hoping to do a head/ camshaft swap for one from a Punto 75. If I can afford it I might just go the whole hog and fit a 1242cc Punto engine! Cheaper and easier than a full turbo conversion, but for ultimate performance the turbo is the way to go. However, Smokeme who posts on here has achieved amazing power from the FIRE engines by adding turbos. Really the only limit for power is the depth of your pockets!

So your best bet is to keep an eye on Ebay and contact some of the aftermarket specialists. Look for people breaking turbos and snap up some of the interior/ body bits that way. In which case it might be a good idea to join up with the Turbo Collective site as that's where you're most likely to find turbo parts. They can be found here:

Many of the mods you mentioned have already been covered in this forum, so have a browse through the older threads and you'll find out what can be done.

Good luck with your mk1, and keep it in the great condition it looks to be in. They are getting rare these days, and it's nice to see a good one still on the road and being cared for.


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Re: Uno MK1 Parts?

Cool thanks!

Took me about 5 minutes to read that.. lotsa info! :P Thanks
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