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PLEASE HELP NEEDED!!!!!! (I am going CRAZY!!!)

Hallo everyone!!!

It's the first time i am posting a message at this site. I hope that i will be lucky and someone will answer me back, because with the problem my car has i am going crazy!!!

I have a Fiat Tipo 1.1 Fire '89. It is in excelent condition. Fuses box new, water cooling system new, repainted, brakes new, tyres new. Not all but at least half of the electrical system is new(A FIAT mechanic who had a look at my car 2 months ago told me that it is in the best condition possible!!!!

**** Unfortunely, two months ago a problem occured. When i was driving back home on the free way, not pressing the car too much (4th gear 90km/h about 3000 rpm.), i heard a large bang like someone hit me with a shutgun that came from the back of the car. As i looked from the mirror i saw a cloud of black some that i had left behind. I feared that it was something really bad so i pulled over. I called my mechanic told him what has happened and assured me that everything was normal. So i returned safely at home. Early in the morning next day i infomed my coworkers that i will be late and took the car to the mechanic. After 1 hour of looking at it he informed me that everything was O.K!!!

From then nothing had occured (I had not moved the car for 10 days) until last week. While i had stoped at a red light. When the light turned green i put 1st gear and starded but then from nowhere i felt as someone was steping on the brakes (realy HARD!) but i was not steping on the brakes, the engine was braking the car realy hard!!! Then the car kept going for about 10 metters the car suddently went IDLE !!! (Out of Nowhere!)
I tried (realy hard) to start the car again but nothing was happening (I was feeling embarased because all the other drivers where very very upset!). After the third time (something smelled like burned) i managed to start the car and decided to find a place to park it!
Unfortunatly again the same thing happend after 30 metters!!! But again after 5-6 times a managed to start it again!
Then with extra care and being in the same situation every 10 minutes i managed to take the car back to the mechanic (i was near his place).

In the afternoon i went to pick the car up and the mechanic informed me that the car was MORE THAN O.K!! I believed him!!!!! Pour me!!!

Last Suturday i took the car and went for a "walk" with my friends. FOR ONCE MORE the car made the same tricks to me !!!!! AGAIN with loud bangs and blasts and dark clouds of smoke!!! [V][V][V][V][V][V]

I found a place to pull over and i decided to have a look at the engine (i am not an engineer but i thought that i could see something!)

I tried to find the red lever that opens the hood but to my surpsise i found it to be BROKEN!!!!! (probably the mechanic broke it and told me nothing!!!!!!)

*****NOTICE: All these things happen when the car's temprature is about 90 degrees hot (normal temprature)! When the car is cold everything is nice !!!!*******

***SO PLEASE PLEASE HELP me because i love this car very much!!!! :)
***I want to fix it!!!

P.S: Thank you for your time!!!!!!:)

And Please someone help me!!!
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sounds like a fuelling problem causing the car to kangaroo and backfire,sorry i dont really know your car well enough to give advice but one of the other guys n gals will help soon, im sure

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need mods for tempra
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I'd check the breakerless distributor too, as you 1.1fire engine should have it!When the module's gone it causes cut-outs, even if you're talking of black clouds;)

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I don't know your model, but if it is fuel injection it sounds like the temperature sensor is faulty, causing a very rich (cold start mixture) when the engine is hot. Good luck

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Our Ritmo Abarth had similiar problems. For us it was the exhaust cam axle. The inlet was ok, but the exhaust cams vere worn. One of them was actually not there at all, letting exhaust build up and be pressed out! the intake. This led to huge explosions and dark nuclear-mushrooms from the rear end. Changed exhaust cam-axle. Since you have the 1.1 FIRE engine, you have only one cam axle with 8 cams on it, and not a separate one for exhaust, as the Ritmo (twin cam, but still 8 vents). Open the engines top, and have a look.


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projects: air intake. front seats. exhaust. rear tint.
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