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Re: Tipo Station Wagon 2018 Problems

Call me cynical if you like but my guess would be that they'd rather not get involved!

None of the problems you are presenting to them is likely to be an easy or cheap fix. What garages make money on is repair work, often from MOT failures. Surprisingly, considering the amount charged, simple service work, if done with due diligence, doesn't bring in large amounts of profit but simple repairs outside the service schedule can be much more lucrative. Replacing shock absorbers, brake discs and pads, renewing complete exhausts, etc. In fact all you need to do is look at what the Fast Fit type operations do because they realized a long time ago how to cream off the profitable work without getting involved in the difficult stuff. Warranty work can loose you money on labour times because the times allowed are really tight.

So your sensor problem is going to perhaps involve some accident damage reinstatement before even getting started on checking the sensor and replacing and/or recalibrating it. They don't have to worry about job times here as it's not going to be warranty so, I'd guess, they are preparing you for a big bill!

The other problems should be covered by warranty so, if the worst comes to the worst, they need proof to present for the claim. Hence the recording of oil consumption against mileage covered. The gearbox is unlikely to be stripped down under warranty these days unless the manufacturer authorizes it, so they'll need to be able to positively be sure it's slipping out of 6th "on demand" before agreeing to replace it.

A lot of how you are treated is down to the garage's customer satisfaction policy and how much they value their customer base. All in all though, it's going to be a lot easier for them if you just get fed up and take your problems somewhere else!

Please do keep us updated as to your outcome won't you?
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