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removing front door trims
Published by chris3234
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removing front door trims

Quick guide with a few pictures on taking front door trims off

first take the two cover trims off the latch side od the trim panel off there will be two Philips head screws underneath remove them both

the take the rubber bottom out of the door handle area and there will be a hex head bolt under to remove then life the handle/window switch assembly out and disconnect the wiring plug and place safely to one side

Then behind the door latch release handle there’s a small cover panel that need to be taken out i used a small pick type tool to pull it out
Again there’s a small hex bolt to be removed

with the fixings out of way there’s just a few plastic press stud type fixing on the bottom half of the door so get you hand underneath the bottom corner and give it a sharp tug then work your way around until they have all been released

forgot to take pic of this part

Finally with the bottom fixing removed give the bottom of the panel a knock upwards to un hook the top from the window area and finally the whole panel should then be able to be lifted up 715
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Re: removing front door trims

Excellent post do you know how window is fastened to regulator? Mine has dropped
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