Technical Yr2000 Punto JTD steering rack end replacement

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Technical Yr2000 Punto JTD steering rack end replacement


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Sep 8, 2007
Yr2000 Punto JTD Rack end replacement
I'm told I need to replace the off-side steering rack end on the above car.

Two things:
are they dear to buy?
is there anywhere a step-by-step guide (idiot-proof!) to fitting them?

(I have not got a workshop manual).

Thanks for any pointers.
a track rod end will cost no more than £12 at your local motorfactor.

fitting is very easy:
loosen lock nut
remove main nut & disconnect from hub
wind off rod (holding rod in position to prevent rotation)
wind new end on
tighten nut to attach to hub
adjust track rod length
tighten lock nut

all you need is a spanner and something to check the tracking with (e.g. lazer tracking equipment or a track mat)

if you dont adjust the tracking correctly you could end up with bald tyres in a matter of days.
Thanks, but it's not the track rod end that needs to be replaced, it's the steering rack end.

Thanks anyway.
sorry, i usually hear that called the steering rack joint (or lower joint).

its a bit of a pig to replace. get a haynes manual.