Your best/Most fun experiance in your FIAT.....

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Your best/Most fun experiance in your FIAT.....

Jan 18, 2006
Seen this before somewhere but here goes!

In my 1990 MK2 Uno Turbo i.e:
Rust In Pieces G606-RGC. lol.


Raced a Black Ren 5 GTT up Sutton (surrey) one-way system but i was over boosting it!! (2.1 BAR the dial indicated!)

My mates POLO GTI and 106 GTI at the same time down the "Mad-mile" (A217, Surrey), my VW loving bro shat his pants!!!

2 WRX scoobys! well i say beat but they cam up behind me, i floored it, didnt get closer, they didnt look amused! lol (But with most things like that, you dont know if they were giving it the "Full beans" so to speak!)

Saxo VTS/VTR's, etc, any small "Hot-Hatch"

Fasted speed = 120mph @ 5,000rpm (On a closed road called the A3 :slayer: )
0-60 = 7.0secs dead (With a mate timing it)

And all of this mayhem at 0.4 BAR of boost (1.5 inch crack coming from the waste gate!!!)
See :) :