Yellow light engine fail 2.3 2017 help


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Jul 29, 2021
I tell you my long story ... I have a Ducato 2.3 150cv 2017

With 45,000km the engine fault light came on for the first time, symptoms went into protection mode, I turn off and on the engine and it goes perfect but with the light,
I went to fiat and they told me it was the egr, they changed it and the same afternoon as I left the workshop again the light, egr failure, turbo failure ... I go to the workshop again and they tell me it is the turbo, € 2200 like this I let it be and look for another workshop.
In this new workshop after looking at everything they tell me that it is the vacuum valve, they change it and for about 100km it works well and then it returns with the same symptoms, loss of power that returns when removing and putting the contact and failure egr turbo failure. .
Keep driving and I go to a new workshop, this one tells me that it is a fap thing, that it is very full, they force a regeneration with the computer and for 2000km I carry the engine something, you turn and it does not fail, until the problem returns again. I buy an OBD2 and look at the faults
p0238 turbo sensor circuit high
p0401 / p0402 / p0409 egr faults

I decide to disassemble and clean the turbo sensor that was black ... I look at the throttle valve and the egr and they are clean

A few km and the same failures come back again, although alternately, sometimes egr, sometimes turbo separately.

Bored and I decide to disconnect the egr and it only marks the failure p0409 Egr sesor a circuit (pending Fault) I will try a few more km to see what is happening

In short, every 2 or 3 days the fault appears again, turn off and it works well, it has power, it rises well in laps and speed, the consumption is stable, the idle is stable, it does not make strange noises but I cannot repair it.

Summary of what I've been wearing so far
-egr new
-vacuum valve sensor
-cleaning the map
-Forced cleaning of the fap
-review of the rubber tubes of the vacuum valve

Any more ideas where to go?

Probably next week change the MAP sensor, to see if there is luck