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Aug 23, 2006
Finally bought myself an xbox 360 :woot::D

Just wondered if somebody could tell me how to set xbox live up, what i need to buy etc etc:confused: I have my copy off PES2008 ready to roll!

My pc is down stairs in the living room so i dont know whether i need n extra lead to go upstairs?

If anyone could give me any pointers that would be gr8 (y)
okay go onto xbox live and it will hit you with blurb about silver,gold etc
select silver
go through all of that and it will eventually give you a free 1 month gold (360 i assume?)
after that you can buy a full years pass,3months or monthly on the xbox site

however on ebay just now theres people punting 100x48 hour passcodes
i got mine for about £7 so its a bargain for 200 days live.
let your free month run out and fire the codes in via xbox dash

you need to hook it up via ethernet cable or wifi if you have a wifi bridge
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Cheers m8(y)

Wi-fi bridge? Dont know what one of those is, so guesing i dont have one:shrug:

I have wireless broadband downstairs, so can i tap into that without needing another internet connection?
Thanx people.

Ethernet sounds the cheaper option (dont think i can last till next pay day for one of those wi-fi adaptor:D)

Ill have to look when i get home, but i dont remember there being anywhere for anything else to plug into my modem??

Any ideas if you can purchase a realy long ethernet cable so it will stretch all the way upstairs?
I would allways go cable connection as its alot more stable. Wireless can have its uses, but its too tempermental for my liking with games.
Yep, I have one from my front room all the way to the back end of my garden, that's about 70 feet in a straight line but it goes around a few corners so the cable must be about 85 feet or more and the connection is perfect. Ethernet is always better than wifi in my experience too.

just bein nosey/curious.. but what u got in ur garden that needs an ethernet connection?! IP camera or something?! lol:eek: