xbox help - custard where've you gone??

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xbox help - custard where've you gone??


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Oct 8, 2003
having trouble deleting files on my xbox..

running evox 3921, ftp'd into it using flashfxp and i get this:

DELE 103 - My Best Friends Mistake.avi
550 File not found
PORT 192,168,0,12,5,254
200 Port command successful
150 Opening data channel for directory list.
226- Free space: [C:\ 392.64 MB] [E:\ 2.59 GB] [F:\ 1.35 GB] [G:\ 0.00 bytes] 
226 Transfer OK
List Complete: 1 KB in 0.08 (1.27 KBps)
Deleted 0 Folders and 0 Files totaling 0 bytes in 00:00.

i try and rename it, and get this:

RNFR 103 - My Best Friends Mistake.avi
550 file/directory not found
Rename Failure!

I've tried using windows explorer as the ftp client and get a similar error (file not found).
Tried firing up xbmc as the ftp server, same deal.
Tried unlocking the hdd, same thing.

Confused now!
ok, just deleted them in xtoolbox. still.. i would like to be able to delete themn from ftp!
strange never had this before. i actually use smart ftp as i prefer it over the more popular flashfxp.

was the avi running fine befopre you tried to delete it?
i'd had problems using Flashfxp when FTP-ing my PS2, i then used WS_FTP and it was all fine (y)
oh while were on the subject ,arc have you set up smb shares in XBMC?
no specific shares, i just go to the workgroup browsing bit - few computers on this network, so it's easier that way.

the avi's were fine before i tried to delete them, i'm just updating stuff with better quality rips!