would you buy a china made car? (pics)

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would you buy a china made car? (pics)


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Jun 22, 2005
in a few years...chinese car makers like geely will be coming to north america/europe and will be selling cars for half the price a fiat...i think i would buy one...for an extra car if they are that cheap or maybe a winter car...im guessing they will be how hyundai excels first came

they look pretty ok and im sure performance will be okay

chek pics here

yeah scary stuff for a modern car. i suspect a cinq would crash better.

would i buy a chinese built car? at the moment, no - not if they consider that to be an acceptable standard of crash safety.
Give them 20 years and maybe they will make decent cars like they make a lot of decent and cheap other stuff.

But until then:


That's also why I wouldn't buy the American F150. It shows how far ahead Europe is in terms of car design.

Who are you jen sanders? Bit of a random post. If you are trying to sell the car "performance will be good" etc. then you are at the wrong place. As have been expressed by people previously; it's a **** car :)
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Hell no. The words "cheap and nasty" spring to mind. Still, at least the Chinese car industry gives the Korean manufacturers someone to look down on ;)
built using older designs though? like with the rover designs they have now. they're old cars really, yet they'll be made as they are no doubt.
remember the product lifecycle, chinese cars wont mature until a few years after then enter the europen market, in much the same way hyundai and kia were once crap and now they beat many euro brands.

also remember the chinese car industry hasnt even developed their range for euro markets yet. the chery importer in that link is going to sell asian spec cars in australia, that would be the same as selling the fiat palio in the uk, compared to a punto it would seem crap, but that doesnt mean fiat are crap, marketing is all about having the right product for the market, dont judge the whole chinese car industry on the cars they sell in foreign markets, wait to see what they sell in the uk and then compare that to other brands in the uk.
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Their models will not be allowed on the European market until the designs satisfy crash test requirements.