Would you attend a local FIAT /ALFA meet?

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Would you attend a local FIAT /ALFA meet?

Local Italian Vehicle meet - would you be interested

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    Votes: 4 57.1%
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    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • It Depends ( shy... !! time , commitments)

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If a few like-minded people arranged an Italian vehicle meet within an hour of you ,

at a Cafe / place of interest,

would you consider attending?.

We at Forum sub-group "Midlands Italia" realise we are now virtually the only group holding fairly regular meets,

and would like to gauge the demand for other like-minded FIAT / Alfa / Lancia , Bertone, etc owners / enthusiasts

to meet on an informal , quarterly..or more basis.

please see the CLUBS section for more info.
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yeah , we attended the national Alfa day at Chatsworth house Derbyshire last year and we had a good day [emoji1303] IMG_2642.JPG
I would love to but whenever I am in UK, I'm there on limited time for business. So I would have to know in advance and even then it shouldn't interfere with the daily schedule. My best bet would be the weekend.