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Technical Wire Diagram


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Sep 12, 2007
just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a diagram/list of the colours and pin numbers of the wires for the headlights, sidelights etc preferably for free lol. my car is a 1.2 punto 3dr mk2. thanks in advance to anybody how can help
lol i got those washer jets with the little LED's on them. (bit chavy i know lol) need to wire them to the sidelights.

but if you must, the wires your looking for are black (negative) and yellow/black or yellow/green (positive) depending on which side you take your feed from.
yea dont do it just get some zenon h4 bulbs and some white (notblue) side lights
much neater more modern afect

my mate has led on his washers and got pulled for it in cumbria for good sake
ok i wont do it lol
ill just leave them how they are now, i like the chrome better than my old black 1's
get a touch up pen for your car an carefully remove and paint the black ones that looks quite good if your interested specially on lighter coloured cars like the broom yellow