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Jan 18, 2012
As of the 8th April Microsoft won't be supporting XP so they keep telling me via annoying pop-ups.

I have a PC and netbook both on XP. I've recently upgraded my pc with a bit more memory and a new hard drive but I think it's still too old for windows 7. Netbook no chance!

What if anything is anyone doing about this?

New pc is out of the question by the way!
It's a Pentium D 2.8GHz. 2.5GB Ram.

I have a 70GB hard drive which is about 50% full now I moved all my music and photos onto a new drive!

The PC should run Windows 7 fine, as above. Just make sure you go for the 32 bit version.
It would actually run Windows 8.1 as well, which is often cheaper due to the upgrade deals going on just now (around £80).

The difficulty might be with drivers for old peripherals. You can download the Microsoft upgrade advisor here:
(Windows 7)
(Windows 8)
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It is not just the processor and RAM specs, are motherboard drivers available?

I'm running XP on my desktop, motherboard is at least 8 years old and originally an Win98. Had to upgrade to XP when the antivirus suppliers all stopped supporting 98. There are no drivers for this motherboard for anything after XP, so I'd need a new motherboard, and processor, and RAM as that is different, then new hard drives as the new motherboard would be SATA not IDE, and a new DVD drive for the same reason, and the power supply is probably inadequate.

However, on the bright side, I've been looking forward to XP support ending. No more annoying updates, taking ever more drive space, no more failed .net updates. Now we can look forward to a stable system, with no more fiddling by Microsoft. Hooray!

With a bit of luck, Microsoft may issue one last update, encapsulating everything that has gone before, (service pack 4?), then we can download and save it, so any reinstall in the future can be easy. Antivirus support should continue, as Win Vista, 7 and I believe 8, are all XP core based.

So sit back, relax, no worries. Only need to upgrade when something mechanical breaks.
ive just taken a pop up off a customers computer that kept saying xp updates had ended plus she had had her browser taken over and other rubbish
i used revo and then put avast on for her and mozilla,shes an oap so her xp will do her just fine
dont fix what aint broken i say
i havent used linux mint for ages either
My dad asked the same question, I told him the same thing I have told others.

Dont worry about it, just keep on as you were and keep up the AV updates etc.