windows live messenger?

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windows live messenger?

May 31, 2006
last week i think, MSN 7.5 made me install windows live messenger, but for some reason it wont let me sign in, just tried to sign in then goes back to the log in screen.

re installed it twice as well as downloading it again.

windows and sygate aren't blocking it.

can't think of much else?

Got the same problem your windows installer may have bitten the dust like mine has.

you can use web messenger though to get you by
I installed it and all it did was slow my computer right down,I reinstalled an older version and then went to messenger folder on my c drive,open it and right click on the Msmsgs.exe icon--then choose properties--then click on compatability here you change the setting from windows 95 to windows 2000--click ok and that will allow to run older version without being nagged to update to live messenger
yeh that's what im doing at the min, any way of sorting it?

well i cant install anything new at all, so resigned to not getting it sorted, it wont even let me install windows installer!!

Will try maccas tip though and see if that works however i run xp and not winodws 95/2000 would that make a difference?
it works. it how i run msn 7.5 on my xp pro laptop. u get a funny looking tray icon, but thats about it!
if it stops working, can just use a resource hacker to change the version number in the exe
just tried redownloading/installing 7.5 to get this message, ERROR: SPECIFIED MODULE COULD NOT BE FOUND, UNICOWS.DLL :confused:

this is after i've installed it and try to open it, going to give up soon lol
Bonzer... now which was the earliest version of MSN that would let you sign in as "offline"? I like to be able to sign in, check emails and bugger off unnoticed :)

Currently using the old-skool Windows Messenger that comes with XP, since the latest Windows Live thing is full-on hardcore bloatware, but this old version doesn;t have the offline feature.
7.5 has it i think. if not ,go to and get the mess patch for ur version, that might add it?