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General wind screen washer bottle


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Oct 10, 2005
he hello peeps think i might need a new wind screen washer bottle as i filled it up the other day. and the next day was empty when i came to spray window .filled again noticed water dripping down .could of craked in the cold ??? if so are all the washer bottles the same on the mk1 ?? if so is it just a case of taking down the passenger inner wheel arch cover down ? rang a fiat breaker he said a tenner
whar about the largerr gt and diesels, can i fit one of them too my non gt model, as the std on it like 2.5litres and needs refiliing every few days, or even several times a day if I am dirving any distance (i.e 750mile roundtrip to loundon).

the gt bottle is 7litre or something, will it fit?
yes it will. and you need to do it block the pipe for the headlight washers and use the extended connection that the GT wiring loom has to reach the pump.

AFAIK the deisel one is no bigger than the standard one.

the reason the GT one is bigger is due to the headlight washers.
cool, i will look for one of them then.

here at uni we have loads of the automotive wiring loom water proof type connectors and wiring kits (huge boxs of seals and clips etc) so does the motor work on one of them (you know two prong, yellow black and red bits?, like the ecu diaganostic plug behind ecu?)