Technical Will this Alloy fit to a punto mk2?

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Technical Will this Alloy fit to a punto mk2?

A. Thats only for one alloy.

B. You'd need new spigot rings, wobbly bolts and spacers.

C. Everything in B could cost about £100.
Yes i just want a spare alloy. thought it was a bit of a bargain! but if it will cost alot for all the other stuff it wont be!!
Hey yes, i think im gonna win the auction. So what will i need so that it will fit to my car?

and does anybody know where i can get the stuff from??

Thanks very much!
You may not need spacers, as im currently running a set of vauxhall alloys, et 40, and the offset isnt right, so I get some rubbing, but only v.occasionally

Wobbly bolts can be bought from any motor factors, or maybe somewhere off the net
Youll need a new spigot ring (£5), 4 wobbly bolts (£2 each) and a spacer depending on what offset your alloys are atm.
Any one know a website where i can get these from? i cant find any on ebay! and also can you get a Locking Wobbly Bolt??
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Astra/Kadet 84 to 98 4x100 35 to 45 56.6

So basically, as the auction says it came from a 1990 astra, the PCD will be 4x100 and the offset between 35 and 45. should fit fine, maybe need an 8mm spacer i think? or a 10mm.. depends what the offset of the alloy is.
The alloy has come this afternoon - i still havent found any spigot rings or wobbly bolts. They seem to only sell them in full sets! but i only need wobbly bolts and spigot rings for 1 alloy!! :mad:

IF ANYBODY HAS 3 WOBBLY BOLTS FOR SALE - or SPIGOT RINGS - Could you let me know Thanks!
Yes but i have curbed the back left alloy quite bad and the alloy i brought is in immaculate condition! So i just want to change it as soon as possible! hopefully at the weekend! So thats y i want the wobbly bolts and spigot rings!

That was the whole reason of buying this alloy! :)
The Alloy i brought is a Vauxhall fitment PCD 4x100 so i need some Wobbly Bolts and spigot rings so that it will fit correctly.:)
Thanks Crazydave. I have looked at there webby and they only have stores in Leeds and Doncaster! Thanks for the advice tho!(y)