Will I be able to get a new Punto?

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Will I be able to get a new Punto?


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Jan 10, 2006
Hello everyone, first of all let me say that I did read your "Acceptable Usage Policy" where it says "This is an 'anything goes' area where we can all have a bit of fun. Topics in this area can be pure fun & nonsense or be on more serious matters if you want."

So I really didn't find that what I'm going to announce/ask is of any harm, if it is, sorry, you may delete this post then.

Well, my name is Ruben and I’m from Portugal. I'm trying to buy a new Punto to replace my old one which is at it's very last but unfortunately I won't be able to buy a new "used" or a new car anytime in the near future since I barely earn to pay my university tuition.

In a desperate attempt to make money for the Punto, I have made my own "milliondollarhomesite" as you have all probably heard of already. But I'm not going to be a copycat and ask for a million dollars. I'm aiming for exactly what I need. So I'm selling pixels for 5cents.

I hope to get together on my site mainly auto companies, such as parts, tires, tuning stuff, etc. But anyone is welcome to buy pixels.

To make things worthwhile, I will be giving the money I receive from the sale of the old car (which is at least $1500) to the person that buys me the most pixels, I will also be offering some other kind of prizes, but more on this in the FAQS on my website.

The site was just launched, so if there are any bugs please do tell me.


Any comments or suggestions on my project are all very welcome, good or bad.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
It's basically an exact copy of milliondollarhomepage, even down to the blog! The reason milliondollarhomepage worked was because it was an original idea and he took a chance. There must be hundreds of copies out there by now and why would people who work hard and pay for their cars want to help you buy a Punto!?
Of course it's based on the milliondollarhomepage, I don't deny that, but it's not an exact copy. I'm trying to make it worthwhile for everyone and if you take some time to read the FAQS I think you will understand that I'm not trying to be a millionaire.

The site isn't meant for people that work so hard that they can't afford 5 cents a pixel. So if you can, good... if not, then fine :)