Technical Will faulty injector cause emissions MOT failure?

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Technical Will faulty injector cause emissions MOT failure?

jungle skunk

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Nov 28, 2006
Weekend 1.6 1999

I had one injector replaced 10 months ago at a fiat dealership they advised having all four done but couldn't afford it at time as it was bloody pricey. Problem solved for a while.

A few months ago injector light started coming back on when going up hill but performance wasn't affected. Light is now on all the time. After reading some posts by JAG(thanks) I pulled the spark leads and no2 made no difference to engine running.

My questions are:
Will running on 3 cylinders cause my marea to fail MOT emissions? due in next week!

Regardless of pass or fail I will be changing the injectors but I don't want to pay dealership prices. If I source the parts from ebay or scrap what match do they have to be? Any 1.6 marea or bravo/a?
I don't know if i have the confidence (even with the support of great forum advice) to do the job myself (I only do oil, spark plugs etc). What labour charge/ time should I expect from local garage?
If youm search the archive you will find this is very common on the 1.6. Scrap yard route recomended and it is possible to DIY, but if you are not intersted in spannering than a local small garage would be the way to go once you have the injector.
Passed MOT! emissions no problem.

Local scrap yards didn't have any 1.6 marea but several had 1.6 brava or bravo sets of injectors. Will these be OK. Is there more than 1 type over the years?

How do you check the resistance on an injector before I buy them? I have read the how to check them in the car advice but none on removed injectors.
you measure the resistance of a removed injector by touching the 2 terminals on the multimeter onto the 2 pins on the injector.

any 1.6 injector will work fine no mater what year it is from, but there are 2 different types, some have 4 holes (mk1 models) others have only 2 holes (mk2 models). you can mix and match them but i would prefer to have a matching set of 4 injectors that have the same number of holes and a fairly even resistance on all 4. this will ensure even running, which saves fuel and improves performance.