Why you should ALWAYS wear a seatbelt!

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Why you should ALWAYS wear a seatbelt!

wow, you see how fast that black van that DIDNT hit him slows down! thats impressive braking... the guy was probably dead before he was ran over anyways
Arc, tis not up close and personal like a snuff motor vid - you know the kind you really wished you hadn't clicked.

Presume tis a copter chase and it's the bad guy (again presume) who gets nobbled.

And ouch.
Another bad guy bites the dust, or should I say the concrete and the front end of some poor geezers motor :rolleyes:
fiatpuntosx said:
how horrific is this video? i'm like arc - do i press it or not? :eek: ... maybe later
There is no blood and gore, ok....
:eek: as the title says really, should have worn their seat belts. The video isnt too bad arc. I automatically put my belt on even if im just swapping cars over in the drive.

Trying to not be disrepectful if that was a real person, but are we all sure this isn't a staged thing for a film or something? I can hear the commentator guy saying "Cut cut, thats beautiful, God damn". Surely he would be more shocked if this were real. Also theres an absense of gore (horrendous thought I know, but being hit at that speed, surely we would see something more than a limp rag doll type object).

If that was real, then dame! Thats horrible, even if he was a felon or someone thats a pretty horrid way to go.
Why the hell was he overtaking on hard shoulder! :confused:

Edit: looking again.... how many average joes can swerve to avoid an accident that perfectly??

but yea, no disrespect meant if twas real :(