why would you have one of these on your drive?

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why would you have one of these on your drive?

Aug 4, 2004

would you be going into the minicab game? maybe an old flame has turned up with the 4 sprogs she dropped for you? well?
Its an Japanese market Estima Emina. The Lucida is the thinner version of the Estima, where as the Emina is the widebody one, which is also used in our Previa
lol i had one of them as a 'courtesy vehicle' for about 4 days. Was friggin hilarious and very huge (i was only 18 driving for about 6 months at the time). It was a diesel turbo auto and it sounded like a friggin robot, you could hear the turbo spool up and then the noise of the gearbox took over.

Are my eyes deceiving me or are those wheels dropping off?

& what happens to them once people start climbing in? They already look too close to the bodywork.

Thats some serious camber!
Are you buying it Jai?

Everyone needs to think out of the box. Instead of using it as an MPV, why dont we turn it into a FF party bus :)