Technical Why is my unleaded making a bid for freedom?

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Technical Why is my unleaded making a bid for freedom?

Jonnie T

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Jan 18, 2006
West Ealing, London
If anyone has any ideas about this please let me know.

Here's aproblem that I've been meaning to fix for ages on my Cinq Sporting. For some reason the petrol wants to constantly escape from the tank via the filler cap breather hole. This leads to endless hours of fun cleaning a grimey mess of the side of the car and driving with the windows shut. Why? When you open the window the car rapidly fills up with a massive whiff of fuel. I wondered if there was a leak in the engine bay but have found none as the air gets drawn in through the bay by having a window open. I've checked around the fuel tank and nothing appears wrong.

Two questions: Has anyone had this problem as well and did you sort it? Does anyone know if it's got anything to do with the Evaporative Loss Control System and it's carbon filled cannister in the engine bay.

I'd appreciate any feedback as I want to fix it before the next service and fitting my spangly new Remus back box.:cry: :cry:
Thanks Guys

I'm off out of the house right now to check the breather(s). Then it's back in to carry on scanning this great forum and looking in the cupboard for that Demon Tweaks catalogue I know is around here somewhere.

Laters. (y)