who watched channel 4's ryanair programme??

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who watched channel 4's ryanair programme??

I saw it too, They are deniably crap but for the money you pay its pretty alright! Its no worse than being on a bus relly,since most of them stink of sick anyway! You gotta love michael oleary though,he was on the irish news over here saying that he was completely set up ane evrything was taken out of context, mad bastard! :D
Interesting stuff indeed. Sick - what ya gonna do? Can't delay a flight for it. With the turnarounds this is gonna happen.

The faulty slide was a more interesting one. I would guess the captain never found out about that as he'd not be able to fly knowing of such a fault. And so the staff - well they obviously don't wanna delay the flight and wait for repairs, or a backup plane to get to the remote airport.

Like most of these undercover programs, a lot of the stuff shown was really individuals failing to perform rather than a corporate level problem.

I wonder if the person not checking passports ever complained there was no time? Maybe afraid to lose their job? The next person up the line might then have to decide to pass it on or be too scared etc. Individuals....