who loves to drive

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who loves to drive

who drives because the love to drive or because they have too

  • i lurve to drive

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  • i drive cause i have to

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Nov 26, 2004
who actully loves driving there cars and who drives because they have to

my only answer here is.

i love to drive
I love driving. Doesnt matter the distance, the car, the destination, i really enjoy driving!

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i love driving where i know where im going but im not too keen on places ive never been before and ending up in wrong lanes etc in city centres!!
I love to drive the call of the open road wind in your hair :yeahthat:
uno_94 said:
yes i love driving!!! :D so want to be 17.
You done a lot of driving already? Driving your mouse around eBay doesn't count! :D
I enjoy driving, especially round challenging roads. Like that there Nurburgring Nordschleife - that's a good 'un.
The only times I've not really enjoyed driving are: In London; On the way back from a long journey when tired.
19k in a year but most of it grudgin. There are times I enjoy driving but mostly the car is used to ferry stuff about, act like a chauffeur for people who can't drive or just commute.
Nothing enjoyable about driving to a day at the office.

I'd like it moreso but for my previous experience being wiped out by an uninsured driver and the fact that sometimes it feels that everyone else on the road has it in for me. Paranoia.

Enjoy biking more.
The state of the roads around here is making driving a right chore lately, I have to keep an eye out for any dips and holes in the road because I'll smack my front splitter in a second if I go in too fast, so that's kinda taken some fun out of it, but get on a good road and I love it.

I think my next car will be taking those humps and holes into acount so a good rally setup will be first choice :)