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General White 1.9 Sporting Owners

Jul 25, 2006
Are there any white 1.9 sporting owners on the forum? Really fancy seeing some real life pictures as I think it will be my next colour choice. I think it will look great with a skydome. If anyone can post any pictures they have that would be good thanks.
ye! white 1s look well smart!

With it being a sporting with its big wheels it would look soo cool!:cool:

You would buy another Sporting then?! I may consider replacing my 1.3 Dynamic 90 with one if the steering fault is not sorted out. White is my colour preference and it costs no extra. For some reason a leather interior is not offered with white bodywork on the Fiat "build your car" website. However, it is possible to specify leather as an accessory. I don't like the "tacky plastic buttons"!

Should be an owner in about 6-8 weeks, went for a white 1.9 sporting with the skydome, can't wait! :D
Auto_blanco has a white sporting (1.4 though not MJ) same apart from wheels. There are already some pics of it on the forum somewhere. Looks very nice. Go for it!

And write a Blaupunkt sub fitting guide while your at it!! :p
hahaha, i really should get round to that shouldn't I. And I will as it really is very easy.

I definately would get another, fantastic car and for the money you can't touch it for what you get, esp once it has been chipped!
my 1.4 pics...


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very nice car like the colour.take it you just washed it before you took the photos.................????????????:rolleyes: :rolleyes: you also took the side rubbing strips off i think they suit the white gp the black and white theme that goes on in the car
they look like they are not the standard fiat side rubbing strips, where they added? i am thinking about getting some on my chemical grey punto.
yes it was cleaned, no i did not take off the side strips, i got them put on there are the standard Brio book set from fiat dealer.....

White is the dogs ******** i think mine is the only 1.4 '06 plate..
Will be the proud owner of a GP Sporting in White - MJ aswell :D

with SkyDome, and HiFi Upgrade, and Climate - and tinted windows :D :D
looks good mate, but not as good as i thought they would look... maybe if you got some black headlights and had a few other black bits added then it would change my mind...

badges look nice, did you fit them yourself or do they come with red ones now?
I don't normally like white cars, but I think it looks good on the GPS..... nice pics, enjoy!