Technical whirring noise from gearbox,man!!!


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Feb 6, 2020
hi evweryone,i need some advice concerning my clutch.

i have a 2001 8vfiat palio petrol model,

there is this constant whirring noise coming from the gearbox.The sound disappears when the clutch pedal is pressed in.

First diagnosis was the release bearing.
What the hell,i replaced the clutch and pressure plate along with the new release bearing.
Drove ok for a few months and it came back.

Gearbox out again,entire box was disassembled,gears were checked and needle bearings replaced,even though there was no damage or wear.

Release bearing ,along with clutch was fine.
But,just to be safe,popped new release bearing in again.
The damn sound is still there!!
i am at my wits end.
can anyone shed some light please.

The release bearing is new,needle bearings are fine,clutch is fine.
The whirring noise disappears when i press in clutch pedal.
The sound is definitely comin from the gearbox,its a constant whirring,crrrr sound.

Thanks guys