Tuning Which stainless exhaust from DTR?

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Tuning Which stainless exhaust from DTR?

Oct 4, 2007
The 96 Barchetta I bought a few weeks ago failed its first MOT but luckily only on the two things I was expecting - firstly a rear foglight needs sorting out, the actual unit (the holder?) is all rusted so needs changing and secondly, and more expensively, on exhaust emmissions. The last six inches of one of the twin pipes at the rear had fallen away so I'd pretty much factored into my money that I would get the exhaust changed sometime soon anyway. The garage which carried out the MOT wanted £320 for "front box, rear box twinpipe, fit kit, labour and VAT" but I remember reading on here sometime that DTR do stainless steel exhausts which are loads better and have a lifetime warranty so thought I might go for something like that.

Anyway I chatted with someone from DTR just now and have booked the car in next week to get the exhaust system sorted out. But I've just seen on the website that you can either get an exhaust with one big single oval pipe or one with 4 pipes for a bit extra. Which should I go for? Is one louder than the other? Is one supposed to be better performing? Cheers for having patience to explain to someone who isn't too familiar with cars, let alone Barchettas, what the options are! :confused:

Oh one other thing! Just looking at the MOT test results now. Under the idle tests it shows that they test for Engine Speed, CO, HC and something else that looks exactly like an upside-down y. What's this symbol stand for?
The inverted 'y' is the Greek letter lambda ;)

The lambda sensor's got something to do with emission - though what it does I have no idea about :eek: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_sensor

Go for the 4 pipes; it looks better and probably makes more noise. Oval ones look naff :)
Go for the Oval one. The 4 pipe looks like a chav special! :devil:

The DTR ones are a good bit noisier than standard. Some say the car is over silenced with the OEM fit.
I'd like to know that as well, jiggy. Was going to drive 600km today, back home to get my hardtop and some other tires. I got about 3 km.. Then the exhaust fell off, and I couldn't drive a meter. :bang: Managed to get the exhaust up from the ground, and gently ride back home to my garage. It broke right before the rear silencer - :slayer: what a sound! :devil: But the extra cost.. :cry:
That's harsh unclechuchu! Look on the bright side though mate, you could've gone about 300km in the middle of nowhere before you heard that clunk! The cost is a real pain but I'm kind of resigned to having to spend a fortune to get the car into the kind of tip-top condition I want it to be in - possible respray, some dents sorting out, maybe a new bonnet where some rust is starting to show, some new wheels and tyres, cambelt as well :cry:In the end I think I'll be paying pretty much the same amount as I bought the car in the first place!! Ah well, it's worth it, it's a lovely car :)

I like the way Rustbucket and Robot are so polarised on the exhaust options! I personally think both the 4-pipe and the oval one look OK. Maybe I should start a poll! Hehe maybe I should see if DTR will knock me up some kind of twin oval jobby, with one either side, it'd be a compromise.
I personally would not buy another DTR twin pipe exhaust. I had one fitted to my previous B and found it too loud for my liking. I don't mind a bit of a sports sound through the gears but a persistent loud noise at cruising speed is not welcome.

I think that the oval pipe is supposed to be a bit quieter.
Chuchu - you could buy one like mine:




Available from BS Bildeler ;)
I had an oval DTR exhaust on my previous b, and have got a single twin pipe DTR now (if that makes sense). For sure, the oval is quieter, but still sounded better than the original FIAT one. Personally I much prefer the look of the twin pipes.
Mine's like Robot's only bigger:eek:

But, If I was going out tomorrow to buy a new exhaust then it would most definitely be the four piper:)
'fraid so, I pulled up next to a red B at a petrol station with the quad pipes and it looked flippin good - also sounded most excellent when the chap pulled away (mind you he did admit to sever headaches after more than 1/2 hour in the car!!)...........
When I got there it looked like they had three types of exhaust: the standard ones, the stainless steel big fat single oval output ones and the stainless steel twin-pipe oval ones. In the end I went for the latter. It is loud but I'm very happy with the sound of it. Also very happy with the level of service at DTR - I managed to get a couple of parts for very little extra, so the rear foglight is fixed and the electric windows no longer stick occasionally.

Next big spend: variator

After that, alloys (though they can wait a good few months)

Anyway thanks for your advice on the exhaust everyone. :)

glad to hear your happy with the twin pipes. i have the oval from DTR,s which is great and sounds good with an induction kit. I was contemplating in changing to the twin though but was told that they are very loud,

Has it made a big difference and do you feel any increase in performance.

Please post up some pic,s when you can .(y)
Good news Jiggy - glad you are pleased with it! I have been trying to source a 2nd hand s/s exhaust (as I cannot justify a big spend on an exhaust that does not have anything wrong with it!!).....

I want the twin exit pipes, I think that they really suit the mk1 b - but I kinda like the quad from DTR..........hmmmm, all a bit academic at the moment!!
When I got there it looked like they had three types of exhaust: the standard ones, the stainless steel big fat single oval output ones and the stainless steel twin-pipe oval ones. In the end I went for the latter. It is loud but I'm very happy with the sound of it.

It will quieten down - not much, but the initial difference is quite marked from the original. I have the twin exit pipes from DTR also, the reason being that it was cheaper than the Fiat original.

Within a few days everyone will know when you arrive. (y)