Styling which bolts??

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Styling which bolts??


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Aug 29, 2007

I've got some 14" alloys for my mk1 punto, the bolts from the 13" steel wheels I had on before seemed too short to hold the alloys on. I've rang up Fiat dealer and they said there is one type of bolts for alloys for my model, so I was going to go for them. I've seen that wobbly bolts are mentioned a lot, and wondered what to go for, Fiat ones or wobbly ones? Anyone have any ideas?

I bought the alloys 2nd hand. I think that they are Fiat alloys, they have Fiat logos on them (I know you can stick the logo on anything tho) they have made in Italy stamped on the inside. Just had a look and a quick measure, alloys have 5 1/2 J x14h2-45.5 on the outisde, don't know what that means! I pretty sure that they are 98mm. Fiat bolts are ok then, is it ok to use any brand of locking bolts with these?
Post a pic and wheel (geddit?) see if they are fiat ones :D

Also you have to have proper alloy wheel bolts, you still couldn't use the ones out of your steel wheels if they were long enough.

When I went down compomotive alloys they told me there are 3 different types of bolt for a punto and none of them can be used to fit the bravo hgt rims to the car so we had to cut some down. Just a heads up cos we still don't know what wheels you've got.