General Where to get a back box?

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General Where to get a back box?

Bob in disguise

Ex Fiat Owner!
Aug 28, 2004
Reading, UK
Well the time has come for the loud exhuast to come off the car, people who have seen my car know what i mean :eek: I need to find a standard back box for the 1.2 model now.

Does anyone know anywhere you can get the standard backbox from? I noticed Sh*tfit (kwikfit ;) ) are doing cheap exhuasts at the mo so they say, so i might have an ask down there. Other than that im clueless. I know fiat will have it but it wont be cheap :rolleyes:

Other thing i thought of, which is a long shot. Does anyone wanna do a trade? A standard stilo backbox for a stainless steel custom twin exhuast, which will fit onto the stilo quite easily obviously.

heres a pic of it

and before i get comments on the mudflaps, they aint on the car no more. Its an old pic :p

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Does anyone rekon you can fit the standard exhuast from an abarth onto the 1.2?

I know the tail pipe on the abarth backbox is a bit bigger, but would this matter? :eek:

It depends on the pipe diameter of the rear section on both cars, I have had a look on Google but couldnt find the information that you are after mate.

Worst case scenario get your arse under the car with a tape measure and measure the pipe, then get someone with an Abarth to do the same for you and compare findings
Well i got it booked in for the 4th Feb to have a standard one to be supplied and fitted on, quite looking forward to having a quiet car again :eek:

Will be getting the stainless steel one back after so if anyones interested in it let me know...
Bob in disguise said:
Well it is no more, i had it removed this morning :eek:

If anyone is interested in the stainless one....

So now that the noise is history does it feel better sitting in a quieter car (y) I just noticed while looking at the classified that we have the same wheels their ace brother betty[think you did say betty on weekends]:p
I need the front part, flange to back box.

shi*tfit and budget quoted over £140 fiat quoted £109. the reason for this they say is they have to buy fiat originals as the car is still too new and their parts people dont make em yet

Id see fiat
Sh*tfit said the same to me just about the backbox its too new of car so i'll have to order it from fiat, will cost over £100. I thought well i'll ring the garage i usally go to and like to ask and he did it for £88.

He said that front flexi looking thing on mine isnt looking too pretty but its nothing to worry about yet, but said bring it too him to do. I'd imagine he wouldnt charge much for it though, theyre the best garage i been to and the only one i trust with my car...

PNL you got any pics of your stilo?
Hmmm, a trade, I have a 1.2 Standard box, with the limp dick design, I could be in for the trade here!!! PM me